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How to Build A Legends of Fusion Deck

Updated: May 22, 2023

Master the basics of building your deck and picking the party right for you.

Deck Building, Strategy

You want to become a master Fusionist,

Your deck has to have a total of 70 cards. You cannot have more of 5 of the same card name, regardless of the artwork. You can have as many Element cards in your deck as you want. Other than that, Deck building time!

Tip #1 - Choose your Fusionist

Pick your Party!

Add your Fusionist cards to help protect your deck at the beginning of the game. Fusionist cards have unique Skills that can help you command the flow of your gameplay. If you want to slow down your opponent, Fusionist Ilya and Gaia can stop your opponent from attacking as an example. Look over your Fusionist collection, then find the party that best fits how you like to play.

Tip #2 - Elemental Engine

The first place to start is to look at your collection and see which cards you have the most of type wise. This is a great building block for making a strategy. Then choose a second type that you main element theme can Fuse with often. Follow up with your Ejinn and Spell cards, then look for Treasure cards that can help keep you in the game longer. Next, explore your Trigger and Oracle card options and see which ones balance out your strategy better.

"Choose cards that allow your deck to exactly what you want it to do." – Andrew Harriott

Tip #3 - Add that sizzle!

Check out the Dimension, Essence and X cards to round out your 70 card deck. These cards often times change the course of the game in your favor. They can throw your opponents off and also allow you to take the lead when you really need it. The most popular X card for example is Elemental Fusion Burst. It allows you to search your deck for 8 Element cards and allow you to play as many as you want in 1 turn, without ending your turn!

Tip #4 - Mix it up

Be open to other ideas while building your deck. Remember, even if your opponent plays the same 70 cards, each strategy is going to be different. Test out other combinations and mix another play style in your deck!

Tip #5 - Lead Your Legacy

Once you made your deck, test it out against other Fusionist to get stronger and enhance your gameplay. Good Luck!

Don’t Forget to Add a Closing Statement

This is just a short guide on how to start your deck building process/ If you are ready to build your deck, click here to check out the shop.

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