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Paradox Requiem Promo Extended

As of today, Zem Production is extending the promotion for the Paradox Requiem set, including new products, until June 15, 2023. Players who had participated in the May promotion will get a sneak peak of the set on June 4, 2023. The extension is due the delay of shipping the promotional products that come along with this one. For each product ordered, players will receive 5 Paradox alternative art of 1 of the 20 elements in the game.

Vendors who receive any Paradox Requiem product may post the product on 6/15/2023 for presale only. Product can be sold by 6/30/2023.

This delay also caused by an accidental release of the newest set that was to be split in two. More details of this set will be released on 6/15/2023.

We apologize for the delays and we thank you for your patience with us. We will announce more details on 6/15/2023.

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