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Ranked Battles Starting Today

Starting March 25, 2023, Ranked Battles Officially begin!

  • To participate, players must have their own 70 card Legends of Fusion TCG deck to play. Registration for these events is handled by the Tournament Organizer, and an entry fee may be charged at their discretion. Many of these events will require registration, so make sure you go to the Sign up or Register page to compete.

2023 Legends of Fusion Ranked Formats

Most Legends of Fusion TCG will use the Open Format, allowing players to use sets from 2021 to current. Certain events will follow the Arena Format, where sets from 2022 onward will be used. Each event will disclose the format at the beginning of each article. so be on the lookout. All tournaments will be in the Arena Format.

2023 Legends of Fusion Schedule

Most Ranked Battles will be from March 2023 onward. Some events may be exclusive to players of one game. Check the Events Page for more details.

Ranked Battle main events take place on Saturday and Sunday. Event listings that include a Friday date feature side events and smaller competitions on that day.

The below event schedule is subject to change and more events will be added.

March 25, 2023 Ranked Battle Holyoke- Holyoke Mall, Sports Zone Open Format,

50 Holyoke RD

Holyoke, MA, 01013

April 29, 2023 Ranked Battle Naugatuck-Comfort INN Open Format

716 New Haven RD,

Naugatuck, CT 06770

April 30, 2023 Ranked Battle Middletown- Back Again Board Game Cafe Open Format

484 Main Street Suite 11

Middletown, CT, 06457

May 27, 2023 Ranked Battle Manchester- Buckland Hills Mall Open Format

194 Buckland Hills DR

Manchester, CT 06042


Points are awarded to the top players in each age division. Players must have a Fusionist ID for Legends of Fusion events.

Each player will receive 5 EVO points they can use to gain entry to the 2023 World Fusionist Championships. The requirement to qualify is 100 points. Prizes may also be awarded based on the event turnout. This is subject top change.

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