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World Champion Finally Crowned

This year was a monumental year for Legends of Fusion TCG. The first World Championship was held in the Courtyard Marriott in Waterbury, Connecticut. The turnout was amazing and truly unforgettable. Here is the recap of what happened:

The tournament was unique in the aspects of how it was structured. Players competed in a placement battle tournament to determine the final pairings of the event. The top 8 where then placed by their performances overall during the Swiss Rounds where then it was a Single-Elimination format. The battles were fierce and each player brought their Fusionist Style to the tabletops.

The placement for the tournament went as follows:

  1. Mark Lucente

  2. Joesph Soria

  3. Alexander Soria

  4. Kristina Champagne

  5. Jamie Crepeau

  6. Jennifer Salinas

  7. Marek P.

  8. Bryan Champagne

Mark played many of the decks winning cards from the Infinite Galaxy set and combined the power of the Galaxy mechanic along with the Cosmic element to search for key cards during his match-ups and set up decking out his opponents within a few turns. In the final round, not only did he win the match, both games were completed in record timing. Mark had many Top 4 finishes throughout is LOF career and when the trophy was on the line, he made history and took the first ever trophy.

Joseph Soria had a different journey to reach the finals for the World Championship. He top cut in many of the tournaments throughout the season and during the Swiss rounds he was seeded low enough to bubble out of the event. However, his strategy proved to have been tailors for the one and done format and defeated the number 4 seed and the number 3 seed to get to the final round.

Below are the cards featured in the World Championship. The championship winning list will be placed in out upcoming Results page at the beginning of 2023. All sets are legal for the 2023 season. If you want to get ready for your shot at the next World Championships, grab a deck and participate in the Fusionist League. The Location for the World Championship 2023 will be held in Boston, Massachusetts. See you there and good luck for this season!

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