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Legends of Fusion TCG Skies of Noon Peak Theme Deck

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Siria's Story is one and of discovery. Her mission: locate the Prodigy Fusionist by the Great Deity to gain knowledge of the whereabouts to the Door of Wisdom. Overhearing the Great Deity's true motives, Siria rushes to find the Prodigy Fusionist for help to stop their plans.

Swipe your opponents with Siria's Signature Move. Combine the powers of Air and Light and channel the Noon Peak Element to brighten the path towards victory!

You are a Fusionist in the new found planet of Balista. When Earth was struck down by a comet, it altered the creatures and beings on the planet to fuse with their zodiac element and celebrate their survival by throwing a contest called Legends of Fusion. As a Fusionist, you showcase your talents by fusing elements and beings together against your opponent to see if you have the makings of being a Legend in Legends of Fusion!

Each deck contains the following:

1-70 card deck
1 Rulebook

Additional Items needed:

Damage Trackers (sold seperately)
1-6 sided die. (sold seperately)

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