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Legends of Fusion TCG Champion Reign Booster Box

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The time has come to enter the Fusion Festival! After the trials each Fusionist endured, they each gained the invitation to show their skills. After hearing whispers of a newly discovered element, Syon leaves Pyzar and heads back to Tomeri City to learn about this new information. He finds an old rival with some new tricks to win this year's festival. Will you take the challenge of Champion Reign?

This product is 1st edition.

Each Booster box contains the following:

20-18 card packs of Legends of Fusion TCG
1 New Element card

Over 300 cards to collect.
Collectible box to keep the cards in

Cards vary by pack.

Additional Items needed:

Damage Trackers (sold seperately)
1-6 sided die. (sold seperately)

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