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Twilight Path release

Zem Production

Jun 8, 2021

Twilight Path releases on 6/8/21!

Legends of Fusion™ Twilight Path releases on 6/8/21! We are excited to release the set. There are four collectible booster pack arts, 2 ready to play with decks, a special edition Prodigy Fusionist box loaded with everything needed to play, a booster box and more.   

This set contains over 120 cards to collect  to make any collection pop. It features the elements of Light and Dark. Twilight Path also features 2 new forms Ejinn cards and Fuse into: Blue Moon and Noon Peak! These cards are only weak to their counterparts and also have special Skill that work only for those cards. 

Twilight Path is the second edition base set for the Legends of Fusion™ TCG. Sets are released with 3 months from each other to stimulate gameplay. Each set will be monitored to ensure balanced gameplay.  These updates will be listed on the FAQ page once the occasion arises. We hope you enjoy Twilight Path and be on the lookout for special events with these sets!

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