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Fusionist Jamboree

Zem Production

May 20, 2021

The Jamboree is in full swing!

There are updates for fans that had purchased previous version of the game, which were Elemental Fusion and Elvouts. These cards are permitted to be used during the Fusionist Jamboree!

Here are how this cards will be modified for gameplay during the Jamboree:

Ejinn cards:

The cost to play these cards down will be based on their second attack i.e. Beast Leo for Elemental Fusion and Elvouts will need 4 Fire Element cards to be played before they card attack. Hit Points will be rounded to the nearest tenth, along with damage. The Defense Points will be the same.


Fusionist cards:

The ruling applies to Fusionist cards similar to the Ejinn cards. 

Element cards:

Any Level 2 requirements will need to be met in order to play them down. 

Item cards:

These are now Treasure cards. Treat each Item card as an instant affect. Round all healing affects to the nearest tenth and damage affects to the nearest tenth. 

All other cards are permitted as they are. 

We hope to see you soon at this Fusionist Jamboree!

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