Invitational Championships
Fusionist Cup

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The time is upon us to crown the first ever world champion for Legends of Fusion TCG!

Just like in the lore in the world of Balista, every year we celebrate the game in a tournament to crown a Grand Fusionist. This event will be one of many milestones for Legends of Fusion TCG as we bestow the title of of Grand Fusionist to the winner of our First World Invitational Championship Fusionist Cup!

For the rest of the year and the first 6 months of 2022, there will be events and tournaments to help increase your ranking to get a spot on the roster for this event. The tournament format will be Swiss rounds, follow by single match eliminations. Each player will be grouped based on their ranking and points acquired throughout the year. Qualifiers will be happening starting in March 2022 to June 2022 to help boost your seating in the group. 

In order to qualify for this event, you must have one of the following:

a least 100 Evo Points 

an Event ticket from a Sanctioned Legends of Fusion TCG event

Top 8 finish at a Sanctioned Legends of Fusion TCG event

Entry to those meet this requirements will have their entry fee waived for the event.

Those who want to compete will have a chance to enter the tournament a day before for a Last Chance Qualifier to the main event at a separate location. Based on the pre qualified players for the event will determine additional slots for players in the last chance qualifier to enter in the event. Any player that has a previous ticket from either Evoluts or Elemental Fusion will be honored. 

The cutoff date for purchasing Evo Points to enter this event will be on July 5th, 2022. Points will go on sale next month after the player's login page is complete.

All players must register online to compete in this event. This can be done on the Contact Page. The Pre-Registration will start on 7/5/2021 on the event page and will end on 7/5/2022 at 12:00 AM EST. 

We are closely working with our vendor and venue partners to ensure the safety and fun for our events. Will are committed to follow all guidelines during the pandemic and will inform you of any changes based on instruction of the professionals in their respected fields. Any and all updates will be posted on the News Page for organized play. 

Currently, we are planning the rest of the schedule for play for the months to come. All details will be updated once the sites for tournament play are confirmed. 

The invitational is for players 12 and up. The ruling for this event on deck qualification and Level Condition will be posted on 7/12/2021. 

This is the first step in our path to keep you updated and informed on resuming play for Legends of Fusion TCG. Please continue to check for the latest updates.