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Tundra Griffin

Prodigy Fusionist

Control the power of Air with Prodigy Fusionist!

Air is essential for all of life to breathe. Imagine harnessing that power to wash away your opponents? Is Air is your element, Prodigy Fusionist will give you a second wind!

Syon is the Zypher King. The base stats are average. ATK of 15, DEF of 2 and 130 Hit Points are decent to get things started. The main goal for Syon is dodge when needed and stop Treasure cards from staying on the field. His Signature move does 150 damage, and remove a Treasure card on Standby! Zypher Gust has the power to one shot anything in this set and can stop comebacks from happening. The Skill Zypher Wind prevent damage done to Syon with a cost of 2 Air Elements.

Tundra Griffin seals up the play with Syon by stopping Treasure cards for being played by your opponent! Its Northern Freeze Skill prevents Treasure cards from being played unless Tundra Griffin is Perished. 

Be careful of the the Weak Points. Fire, Ice, and Lightening can douse your plans if not careful. The key is to Fuse Tundra Griffin in play and have Syon attack and finish the harder cards with its Zypher Gust.

Air is amazing. If Air is your jam, Prodigy Fusionist is right for you!

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