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Summon Doll Card Earth Wolf 75-120PF.png

Gaia's Resolve

Wield the power of Earth with Gaia's Resolve!

Earth provides the foundation for all land based lifeforms. Harness the power through Gaia in Gaia's Resolve!

Let's look at Gaia the Earth Maiden. The base stats are great defensively. ATK of 15, DEF of 4 and 120 Hit Points are decent to get things started. The main goal for Gaia is to hold up your opponent with its Gaia Lockdown! Her Signature move does 90 damage, but stops your opponent from playing any Treasure, Spell or Oracle cards! The Skill Gaia Hold can buy you time by stopping 1 Fusionist card your opponent has in play for attacking or having any cards played on it!

Ideally, pairing this card with Earth Wolf guarantees your Alignment can get the crucial Earth Elements into play. Its Skill Earth Howl lets you play 1 additional Earth Element from your hand into your Alignment.

Be careful of the the Weak Points. Water, Forest, Ice, and Magma can halt your plans if not careful. The key for a good defense is to build up your Alignment and punish them with the Gaia Hold.

Earths blissful and strong. This deck is for advanced players. If Earth is your jam, Gaia's Resolve is right for you!

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