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 Fusion Academy 

Welcome Fusionist to the Fusion Academy! Here you can learn more about Legends of Fusion TCG and understand the game mechanics to help you become one of the Legends of Fusion. If you want to become a Fusionist Grand Master, sign up below and we will send you a packet to take the Fusionist Exam!

Intro to Legends of Fusion TCG

This will help you understand the basic concept of Legends of Fusion TCG.

How to play

This a full play video of Legends of Fusion TCG. It will show you how a game would play and showcases pointers on how to make key plays to win the game. 

Fusion Forging

Here you will learn how to make a deck of your own and master your craft in Legends of Fusion TCG. 

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How to Play 


Learn more!

Check back often for more videos and playthroughs to help build your knowledge and strategy of Legends of Fusion TCG!

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