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Summon Doll Card Cancer Dragon 74-100PF.

Frosted Domain

Wield the power of Water with Frosted Domain!

Water is essential for all of life to survive. Imagine harnessing that power to wash away your opponents? Is water is your element, Frosted Domain will give you the chills!

Let's start things off by checking out Anapos the Aqua Monk. The base stats are average. ATK of 15, DEF of 3 and 150 Hit Points are decent to get things started. The main goal for Anapos is to build up and end the game with its Swell Crusher! His Signature move does 80 damage, but for each Water Element card discarded this way it can deck out your opponent! The Skill Swell Power can get more value for each Water Element card discarded and make your opponent lose key cards!

Ideally, pairing this card with Cancer Dragon guarantees your hand can get the crucial Water Element cards out of your deck and into your hand! Its Skill Hydro Calling lets you search your deck for 3 Water Elements and get them out into your hand. 

Be careful of the the Weak Points. Air, Forest, and Lightening can douse your plans if not careful. The key for a good defense is to build up your Alignment and punish them with the Swell Crusher.

Water is blissful and strong. If Water is your jam, Frosted Domain is right for you!

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