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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Legends of Fusion™ TCG?

Legends of Fusion is a trading card game that incorporates elements, fantasy, and science in a competitive way allowing the player to "fuse" cards together to make other cards work.

How are you holding events during this time?

We at ZEM PRODUCTION focus on a safe and fun environment for all of our players and spectators. We work closely with our venue partners to ensure that all guidelines are followed and inform our staff and customers on the requirements to compete or come to our events. 

Why so many cards?

One fun aspect of a trading card game is the ability to trade and collect with others. This allows the player to be unrestricted in the deck building process and invites for new ways to play to emerge.

What makes this game different than other games?

One unique aspect that makes Legends of Fusion TCG™different from other games is the set-up and battle interface that goes along with the game. This fluctuating element during gameplay keeps the players engaged and test the player's skillset during each decision they make. With over 3000 cards created and 18 elements to play with makes a balanced game for anyone from all levels to enjoy.

What is the age group for this game?

To fully enjoy this game, we recommend that the player be at least 12 years old based on the maturity of the images and the concept of the game.

As a player from other games, I invested money on cards that are restricted for me to use and have "Banned List". Do you guys foresee having one as well?

 We want to ensure that Legends of Fusion TCG™ is refreshing, new and allows players to use cards from previous sets in the future. Our extensive testing allowed us to create a very well balanced system for fair gameplay. We created a tournament structure called "Level Conditions" which allow players to use cards from any of our sets. Certain cards have levels on them and each event will require a certain level total in order to compete in a specific event. This allows players to regulate the decks and we collect the deck registration data to follow trends to ensure no strategy or card takes away from the excitement of the game.

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