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Dark Ocean
11-300 Champion Reign Fusionist card Oceana_edited.jpg
92-300 Champion Reign Ejinn Trench Barb.png

Ocean of Midnight

Control the night waves with Ocean of Midnight.

The water and the moon have a symbiotic relationship. 

Oceana will guide you into victory by showcasing the pride of the Leo.

First, let's look into what Oceana can do. It has a base of 15 ATK points and Defense Points of only 3. With 120 Hit Points she can stay in the fight. Where this card shines is on its Skill: Tidal Aura. This gives your water and umbra cards at +10 damage boost for damage. This Skill can be used on Oceana itself.   

Lunar Cascada can one-shot any card in the format currently. By losing 3 Water Element cards and 3 Umbra Element cards for the Signature Move, it can put all of your opponent's Ejinn cards to Sleep. 

Trench Barb is the ideal partner for Oceana. Not only does it gain an extra 20 damage bonus, it can Perish targets just by rolling a 1. Combo that with the Death Charm, this card can rack up Card Penalty amd Fusionist Perish counts rapidly. 

Those are some pro tips for this deck. Try out your own combinations and see what potential you can unlock with Leo Burst!

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