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Andrew Harriott


A Message from Drew

Chief Creator and CEO


Hey everyone! Thank you so much for visiting the site and checking out the game. My goal is make to sure you all have fun and create the best experience possible. Don't be surprised if you see me playing Legends of Fusion TCG™ along side you and show you some insights on how to be the best Fusionist ever. I hope to battle you all soon. Please reach out to our team via the contact page for any additional support.

Inclusion & Social Impact

Diversity / Equity / Inclusion

We encourage the uniqueness and individuality of humanity. Zem Productions breathe a just and equitable culture that radiants throughout our employees, players, community, and eventually, the world. 

What makes us rebels and competitive  is in our ability to bring out the best in out team through understanding, communicating, teamwork, and a positive culture for us to break limitations and go beyond the game to impact every human we can to be their best with our cultural values, heart in our motives, and the message of anything is possible with the right mind set.

We are committed to upholding out values that we accept everyone, respect one another, and create a culture that grows together while honing our own skills to bring the best experience to your table.

Legends of Fusion TCG is a high-risk, high reward trading card came that combines strategy, skill, competitiveness, and chance between 1-4 players. Set in the original fantasy world of Batista, a world created by the planet Earth fusing with the Origin Comet, this caused for all of the creatures and living being on Earth to bestowed by their zodiac birth signs the power of that element. In order to gain the secrets from the Origin Comet, Fusionist seek out to fuse with other elements to gain new power to challenge the comet in a battle known as The Fusionist Exam.


To celebrate this phenomenon and to select who can take the Fusionist exam, the Fusionist partake it what is called the Fusion Festival to determine the strongest Fusionist of that year to enter. In this vivid world of infinite fusion wonder, cascaded by beautiful surroundings and mystery, players are Fusionist that challenge other Fusionist to gain knowledge on how to defeat the Origin Comet and gain allies on their quests. With many Fusionist seeking after the knowledge of the Origin Comet, they seek partnership and form parties in distant lands to prepare for their life-changing journey. Legends of Fusion is a trading card game that includes a diverse play style for players, allowing an easy crossover for many trading card game enthusiasts. Legends of Fusion is a trading card game with simple mechanics that allow for in-depth strategy gameplay and deck building. With multiple paths of victory, an upcoming Solo Mode, Co-op mode, free for all mode, 1 vs 1 and dual modes, and uniquely designed artwork, Legends of Fusion provides a world of play for everyone. 

Legends of Fusion™ is a Trading card game that tests the players skill in knowledge of combining elements from the zodiac, nature and science realms to overcome their opponent's Fusionist party. Each player has a 70 card deck and can start the game up to 3 Fusionist cards from the start of the game. Players take turns making their move and attack using a risk reward battle system known as Dice Defense Attack, where the player must roll to attack the opponent's party. Strategy and timing are key factors in this game because a roll can alter the gameplay and cause players to think on their next attacks. The 3 ways to win are to deck out your opponent, petrify your opponent's deck, or Perish 3 Fusionist cards in the Perish pile or if there are 3 Fusionist in the Perish Pile. 

The game has undergone many changes. It was called "Elemental Fusion" and "Elvouts". 

ZEM Inc. is proud to present this game to the world and hopes that this platform can connect players far and wide for unique experiences and fond memories. Founded in 2021, the company when through a growth period and elevated its experience in the tabletop gaming industry to create this game. 

Our Mission Statement: Execute Excellence with Originality. We take great pride in making sure our games provide an experience that keeps you engaged and want to share with your loved ones.

For a brief overview of the game, refer to this link here.

                                                                       Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Legends of Fusion™ TCG?

Legends of Fusion is a trading card game that incorporates elements, fantasy, and science in a competitive way allowing the player to "fuse" cards together to make other cards work.

How are you holding events during this time?

We at ZEM PRODUCTION focus on a safe and fun environment for all of our players and spectators. We work closely with our venue partners to ensure that all guidelines are followed and inform our staff and customers on the requirements to compete or come to our events. Why so many cards?

One fun aspect of a trading card game is the ability to trade and collect with others. This allows the player to be unrestricted in the deck building process and invites for new ways to play to emerge.

What makes this game different than other games?

One unique aspect that makes Legends of Fusion TCG™different from other games is the set-up and battle interface that goes along with the game. This fluctuating element during gameplay keeps the players engaged and test the player's skillset during each decision they make. With over 3000 cards created and 18 elements to play with makes a balanced game for anyone from all levels to enjoy.

What is the age group for this game?

To fully enjoy this game, we recommend that the player be at least 12 years old based on the maturity of the images and the concept of the game.​

As a player from other games, I invested money on cards that are restricted for me to use and have "Banned List". Do you guys foresee having one as well?

 We want to ensure that Legends of Fusion TCG™ is refreshing, new and allows players to use cards from previous sets in the future. Our extensive testing allowed us to create a very well balanced system for fair gameplay. We created a tournament structure called "Level Conditions" which allow players to use cards from any of our sets. Certain cards have levels on them and each event will require a certain level total in order to compete in a specific event. This allows players to regulate the decks and we collect the deck registration data to follow trends to ensure no strategy or card takes away from the excitement of the game.

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