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2023 Arena Tournament Format

Game Show Set

The official 2023 tournament format is here!

Fusionist, the time has arrived for the first Arena Format 2023!

This tournament is a Sanctioned Event, meaning that this event is exclusive for first come, first register with a limit of 24 players. (Subject to change based on participants.)

In order to qualify for this event, you must have one of the following:

A 70 card deck 

A registration Legends of Fusion TCG

All players must register online to compete in this event. This can be done on the Contact Page. 

The tournament format will be 3 rounds of SWISS, with advancement under the following conditions:

Top players over 6 Game match points-  (Win =3 points, Tie=1 Point, Loss=0 points.)

Tiebreakers based on match points-      

(Deck Petrify equals 5 points, Fusionist knockout is 3 points, Deck out is 2 points.)

Match rounds will last 35 minutes each with 3 Rounds. Each player will have 3 minutes per turn 

The key changes in this format are as follows:

Prizes are based on tournament turnout. Minimum Prizes payout will be as follows: (Lowest turnout. Prizes increase with more turnout along with more rewards.)

We are closely working with our vendor and venue partners to ensure the safety and fun for our events. We are committed to follow all guidelines during the pandemic and will inform you of any changes based on instruction of the professionals in their respected fields. Any and all updates will be posted on the News Page for organized play. Event may be delayed or postponed based on the updated info for COVID-19. All players must be tested for COVID-19 48 hours before the event or are fully vaccinated to play in this event. 

The Fusion Festival  is for players 12 and up. All sets currently out are legal for this event. 

This is the first step in our path to keep you updated and informed on resuming play for Legends of Fusion TCG. Please continue to check for the latest updates. 

Battle board set up .png
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