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Burst Leo

Master the Leo Warrior's Skill!

Fire has been known for being a powerful element to wield. Flavaris, blessed by the Leo star, will guide you into victory by showcasing the pride of the Leo.

First, let's look into what Flavaris can do. It has a base of 20 ATK points and Defense Points of only 3. With 130 Hit Points, he can take damage for a good while. Where this card shines is on its Skill: Leo Aura. It's a risk, reward Skill that will let your Fusionist cards and Fire Ejinn cards do 30 more damage if the Attack is successful. This can be game changing if you Attack the right cards at the right time.  

Leo Wave can one-shot any card in the format currently. By losing 6 Fire Element cards for the Signature Move, it can eliminate 4 cards from your opponent's Alignment.  Talk about power!

Beast Leo is the ideal partner for Flavaris. Its Skill Leo Spike increases by 5 more damage for each card discarded in the Alignment. Have 4 of these in play and combine that with Flavaris's Skill, you can have 5 attackers with 50 Attack Points in 1 go! 

The main concern is the Weak Points for Flavaris. Water, Earth, and Ice can increase damage for the Leo Warrior. Search for Trigger cards like Aqua Retreat to help reduce the chance of being Perished. 

Those are some pro tips for this deck. Try out your own combinations and see what potential you can unlock with Leo Burst!

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