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Tournament Registration 

Tournament Registration 

Welcome Fusionist to the 2022- 2023 season! We have more prizes and events to attend to this year, and the competition is going to be intense.

All tournaments this year will be following the Arena Format. For details on how this tournament works, click here.


To qualify for this year's world championship, you must have 100 points awarded to you throughout the season. You may purchase EVO Points to make up the difference starting July 1st, 2023.

Each registration has a time limit of when they need to be submitted by. The most recent submission would be athe one used to the event. Each deck is subject to deck check throughout the events. 

Below are the events you may register at this time. The ones with the hyperlink attached to them are available for registration. Please be sure to have these filled out before any event regarding tournament play. Good luck!

Registration Openings

Here are the remaining tournaments you can register for at this time.


Discord World Qualifier

Discord Open Tournament 

Winter Showdown

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